A super light-weight yet powerful document-oriented database backed by blockchain / distributed ledger technology.
Data immutable and verifiable is all about trust, which creates the most efficient business.

Developer Friendly

With our intuitive JSON API design, your developers can be from 0 to hero on blockchain in a few minutes.

Easy to install

While all the goodies of Blocase is encapsulated in a ~10MB binary, we provide any scales of installation based on your business needs.

Military Grade Data Encryption

Blocase is powered by the most mature cryptography algorithms and protocols to guarantee your valuable data is secured in motion and at rest.

Configurable Decentralization

Switchable and robust P2P network to reach consensus. No single point of failure.

Data Immutable & Verifiable

More than just tamper-resistant. Data is cryptographically verified and the unique true fact is persisted. Clients also verify the data from Blocase before trusting it.

Low Latency

Bitcoin is famous for its sluggish transaction processing. With Blocase, with no performance compromise.

Flexible Data Schema

Being a NoSQL document storage, Blocase allows you to define your complex businesses process in any way your want while keeping the data integrity.


Blocase is shipped with a search engine grade query API to fully engage with your business success.

Rich Permissioning

Set permissions at collection and transaction level to ensure a clear separation of duties and enforce selective access in a complicated business process.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are aware that you are curious about Blocase.

General Questions (2)

What is Blocase?
Blocase (Blockchain + Database) is a distributed ledger database backed by the blockchain protocols that provides a complete and cryptographically verifiable history of all changes made to your application data.
How is Blocase different from other databases?

Usage Questions (2)

What data should I store in Blocase?
What kind of functionality does Blocase support?

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